Re-Verified is for both, providers and clients. We are not just another verification service!

What makes Re-Verified uniquely better?

Client Advantages

  • We are totally free to you!
  • No credit card number is ever required!
  • No paper trail!
  • Never worry about getting screened again!
  • No personal information is saved!
  • See what the ladies say about you.
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Provider Advantages

  • We are not automated!
  • We will RE-Verify the client just before you see him!
  • More protection from clients sharing accounts, and from window shoppers!
  • Read what others have said about your potential client, before you see him!
  • We listen! You get to report on all clients.
  • See higher quality clientele!!
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Why do we need another verification service?

Our answer for the guys – The problems with other verification services is that they are either too expensive when seeing just a couple of escorts per year, or because most guys are very hesitant to pay with a credit card. When paying a lot with a credit card, guys worry someone at home will see or question the credit card statement. Also many times when providing a credit card you have to give personal information that some guys may not be comfortable giving. We cater to you and have found a way around all that.

Our answer for the ladiesWe are not automated! Therefore, when using Re-Verified you do not have to re-screen clients who have already been “okay’d”.  You can also have us re-verify any client just before you see him, read client reviews to see what others have said about your potential client, AND write client reviews yourself about anyone you have seen. Or, if you simply just don’t have the time to verify all your potential clients or are having a hard time verifying someone, you now have an EASY alternative.

How it Works

Step 1 – The client contacts us either on his own or because a provider referred him to us.

Step 2 – We screen him and assign him a RE-Verified ID number.

Step 3 – The client then contacts any provider and uses us as a reference.

Step 4 – The provider then contacts us and gives us his RE-Verified ID number.

Step 5 – We then let the provider know if the client has been screened and is in good standing with us.

**Steps 1 thru 5 are like any other verification service. It’s steps 6 thru 9 that sets us apart**

Step 6 – We will then provide her with a full report on the client. This report reflects what other providers have reported.

Step 7 – We then RE-Verify the client. This is the step that gives her the highest level of security. This is what assures her that he is indeed the same person we originally verified.

Step 8 – The provider now has the option to report on this client as well, which we pass on to future inquiries.

Step 9 – Make a donation. Pay us what you feel is fair for your business.